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Beginners and experienced players are made very welcome at Airthrey Castle Curling Club.

If you live in the Stirling area and would like to discover more about the "Roaring Game", please contact our secretary who will be very pleased to provide details of club membership.

Amongst sports, curling is probably unique in that it suits raw beginners and very experienced players playing together in the same "rink". It is truly a team sport where every member of the rink, irrespective of ability or experience, can contribute to the final result of a game.

There has been a recent upsurge in the number of school children and young people entering the sport but it remains one of the few active competitive sports where older people can learn to play and thoroughly enjoy a new activity. Indeed, some curlers do not start curling until they have reached retirement age. It really is a marvellous sport for all ages.

Classes for beginners are held regularly at Stirling Ice Rink and, with a few coaching sessions, you will soon be "finding your feet" on the ice and enjoying the game.

You will find Airthrey Castle Curling Club to be particularly welcoming of all new members of all ages and, of course, we also have a very active social side as you will discover by exploring this website.

Airthrey Castle offers a reduced subscription of 19 to new members in their first year and this includes the RCCC insurance package.

Do come and join us.


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