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Minutes of the 136th Annual General Meeting

held at the Dunblane New Golf Club

on Tuesday 12th May 2015 at 7.00pm 

Members Present: 

Mike Queen (President), John Rankin (Vice President), John Mills (Secretary), Eric Begbie, Jack Robertson, Ian Riley, Bill Strang, Lars Christiansen, Clark McKie, Lottie McKie, Alex Campbell, Mike Fraser, Carol Drewery, Graeme Giles, Ron McQuaid & Dougie Neilson (16 in total). 

The President, Mike Queen, took the Chair and welcomed Members to the 136th AGM. 

1.            Apologies: 

Apologies were received from Arthur Duncan, Bruce Lenman, Alan Prentice, Tom Wilson, Martin Ross, Alex Galloway, Marcus Wood, Elizabeth Rankin, Isabel Foster & Allan Parlane. 

2.            Minute of the 135th AGM: 

The Minutes of the AGM held on 21st May 2014, which had been previously circulated, were unanimously adopted. There were no matters arising. 

Proposer: Alex Campbell; Seconder: Bill Strang. 

3.            President’s Report: 

Mike Queen gave a verbal report in which he thanked the Committee for their support during the year, particularly to Marcus who had managed to get on top of the Treasurer’s duties. Notwithstanding the difficulties at The Peak with the closure of the ice rink for 6 weeks prior to Christmas, our curling programme had been completed successfully. 

Our main concern as a Club continues to be membership which, despite our efforts with TryCurling, University students and attendance at the Friends of Bridge of Allan Coffee Morning, continues slowly but surely to decline. One way or other we need to reverse this decline and I’m sure that any proposal suggested will be vigorously followed up by the Committee. Members should continue to encourage friends and acquaintances to try the sport and then show patience with novice players and provide the necessary encouragement. 

This year we have lost our Honorary President, George Barclay, whose funeral in Dunfermline was well attended by Members. At this stage, your Committee has no recommendations for a new nomination. 

Congratulations are due to Alex Campbell who has taken over as president of Scottish Central Province. The Club’s representation at the higher echelons of the curling hierarchy expands with Bill Strang, Marcus Wood and Graeme Giles all involved with Stirling Curling Group. 

Mike concluded by commending John Mills for the sterling work he has put in as Secretary throughout the year. 

Finally, he thanked all the Members for their support during his second year as President and looked forward to greater involvement himself on the ice next season. 

4.            Secretary’s Report: 

The Secretary’s Report had been previously circulated and a copy is attached to these minutes. 

On a correction from the floor, “Stirling Central Province” should read “Scottish Central Province”. 

5.            Treasurer’s Report & Annual Accounts: 

The Annual Accounts 2014/15 had been circulated prior to the meeting and were unanimously approved. 

Proposer: Graeme Giles; Seconder: John Rankin.

There was a deficit of approximately £820 leaving the Club with funds of £777 in addition to the Trophy Fund. The deficit was explained by the decision taken at last year’s AGM to pay the £19 RCCC levy for all “mother-club” members (for one year only) and also by the timing of trophy engraving charges. 

It was reported that Marcus intends to expand the presentation format of the Annual Accounts so that the individual figures may be more clearly understood. 

Alex Campbell had requested that he be relieved of his role as Examiner of the Annual Accounts, a task he has carried out for many years. Alex Galloway would be asked if he would become the Examiner next year. 

6.            Subscription of Year 2015/16: 

On the suggestion of the President, it was unanimously agreed to maintain the Club subscription at £11. 

7.            Election of Office Bearers: 

The following Office Bearers were elected by unanimous acclaim: 

President:            Mike Queen (third year)

Vice President:    John Rankin (second year)

Secretary:             John Mills (third year)

Treasurer:            Marcus Wood (second year) 

8.            Election of Committee Members: 

It was agreed that the Committee would comprise the Office Bearers, above, plus Clark McKie (Immediate Past President) and Carol Drewery, Allan Parlane, Ian Riley and Dougie Neilson. They were duly elected en bloc. 

Bill Strang had decide to stand down from Committee and Mike Queen asked that grateful thanks be recorded in the Minutes for his contribution over many years. 

The role of Development Officer will be undertaken by John Rankin, that of Social Secretary by Bill Strang (protem) and New Member Liaison by Carol Drewery. 

9.            Election of Skips: 

The Skips elected to serve during the coming year were (in alphabetical order):- 

Alex Campbell, Clark McKie, Ron McQuaid, Gordon Murphy, Elizabeth Rankin, John Rankin, Ian Riley, Bill Strang, Tom Wilson & Marcus Wood. 

10.         Social Events: 

The Annual Golf Outing is being held at Stirling Golf Club on Wednesday 15th July. Mike Queen is organising the event and appealed for golfers and partners/friends to enter. 

The Annual Barbecue is being held once again at Graeme Giles’ farmhouse on Saturday 15th August. 

An “Away Weekend” curling application had been made to Kinross Ice Rink in March 2016. The whereabouts of the Littlejohn Trophy (a tankard, last played for at Drimsynie) was still being sought to become the trophy for this event. 

11.         Single Evening Curling: 

Members had recently been asked to complete a questionnaire concerning their preferences for single evening curling as a way of arresting the decline in membership. 50% had responded, with 4 wishing to keep the status quo, 10 wishing to change and 3 with no particular preference either way. Monday evenings had proved most popular (but this was the evening that SCP play their matches), Friday the least popular, with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening equally preferred. Comments were invited from the Members present of which the following is a summary:- 

·        It was felt that the present arrangement of playing random evenings was a disincentive to new members.

·        Existing Virtual Club members would be attracted to a club offering single evening curling which could in turn solve our recruitment problem.

·        Moving to a particular preferred evening would inevitably mean losing some existing members who would be unable to play.

·        Before going any further (to our disadvantage, if progressed in isolation), ACCC should consult with other local clubs to obtain an concensus about selecting different evenings of play for each club. This might result in an transfer of members between clubs to suit their individual playing preferences.

·        There was a strong sentiment that the social side of curling played with long-standing friends is vitally important and should be maintained if at all possible.

·        The Club would have to explore any change with The Peak to establish acceptability within their ice allocation system. 

The Committee agreed to take these points forward and report back to the Members before progressing the issue. 

12.         Any Other Competent Business: 

               12.1       Ice allocation – our request for next year had already been submitted. The Peak ice charges  have been held at last year’s level so the charge we make to Members will remain at £8 per game. 

               12.2       It was agreed that the Committee should consider the implications of moving the date of the    AGM forward to occur in advance of the submission of request for ice allocation, which is   normally required by 30th April each year. This would allow us to debate ice requirements.

               12.3       Students at Stirling University intend to form a new curling club. It was suggested that ACCC     should invite them to participate in a match as a way of attracting potential new members. 

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.00pm. Members adjourned to The Dunblane New Golf Club restaurant for an excellent supper before returning for the presentation of trophies and prizes for the 2014/15 season, very graciously undertaken by Carol Drewery, Committee Member. 


John Mills

June 2015